Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sexy ABBA!

I know the picture is small, but in the heliocopter they look sexy. ;) Well, at least to me.
Ah! Just what this sexy couple need. Frida sticking her hand into her lovely husband's chest in which was hairy. I bet that made Frida think Benny was really sexy!

Miss Sexy Frida dancing with her wonderful microphone stand. Watch out Benny she might hit you with it IF you CHEAT on her. (In which he did): But, she managed and she is such a strong woman. =D

They look sexy in this picture. The "Tiger" video. In the video Frida and Aggie teach the two men a lesson. =p

I'm sorry that I wasn't posting any pictures........It was just a hard thing to do because I have to do something for the new school year that is coming quick and the summer seemed to be going by so fast, but this week I will be on my blog.

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